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Homeowner Insurance

from Jorgensen Insurance Agency

Phoenix Homeowner Insurance

When it comes to protecting your most valuable asset, it’s imperative to have homeowner insurance that not only covers the obligations to the law and your lender, but one that protects you and your family’s assets in the event of a loss. 

When you work with Jorgensen Insurance Agency, you’re getting so much more than a rate quote and document of compliance. Homeowner insurance in Phoenix is offered by many different companies, each with different product offerings, rating schedules, and price points. As a locally operating Phoenix homeowner insurance agency, we are familiar with the nuances of the different insurers in the Phoenix area and what this means for you. 

In addition to having a variety of insurers to navigate, there are also policy coverage options and limits to set, select and choose from:

What does a Phoenix homeowner insurance policy cover?

Repairing or rebuilding of your home: If your house catches fire, if a water pipe bursts and causes major flooding, if a tree falls on your home and crashes through the roof – these types of incidents can cause major repair costs and upheaval to your life! Your homeowner policy protects you against many types of unforeseen events that can incur potentially catastrophic financial losses. Options such as ‘replacement cost’ vs.’ actual cash value’ let you decide how your homeowner policy will cover these losses. We go over the pros, cons, options and prices for different choices.

Injury to others: If a visitor slips and falls or a child is nipped by a pet, the cost of injuries and medical expenses obtained while on your property become your responsibility. As your agency, we review your total assets and present different options and price points for you to choose from in order to make decisions that will protect you against liability.  

The contents of your home. What would it cost to replace your appliances, furniture, computer equipment, and electronics if they were destroyed in a fire or flood? The personal property section of your homeowner policy offers coverage for the things inside your home. Your homeowner policy even offers coverage for your personal property when outside the home should it be damaged or stolen while traveling or in a vehicle. 

Your Partner in Phoenix Homeowner Insurance

While many insurers and websites allow you the option to select your limits and coverage on your own, choosing Jorgensen Insurance Agency to serve as your agency gives you representation in your corner. We’re here for you not only when choosing coverages and carriers to start, but to guide you through the process and advocate for you in the event of a loss. Contact us at 509-563-4413 and sleep better at night knowing that even if the unexpected occurs, you’ve taken the steps to protect against losses.