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Life Insurance

from Jorgensen Insurance Agency

Phoenix Life Insurance

Our lives are a rich journey of experiences and stages that evolve over time. As our lives change, so too do our needs and requirements for life insurance. Life insurance serves as a way to ensure that you will fulfill the financial promises you’ve made to yourself and to others, no matter what surprises life may bring. 

If you think back to three years ago, how was your life different? Have your personal or financial obligations changed? How much would you need today to protect your family from financial hardship if you were no longer there to provide?  What would it cost to fulfill the promises you’ve made for their future? These are the types of worries that Jorgensen Insurance Agency helps you to replace with answers, solutions, and peace of mind. 

Choosing a life insurance policy consists of two main steps. The first is to determine how much life insurance you need and for how long. The second is to choose a life insurance product to meet that need. 

How do I determine the amount of life insurance I need?

When working with Jorgensen Insurance Agency, we’ll walk you through a series of questions to convert all of those ‘unknowns’ into a figure that brings you confidence in your legacy planning.

  • How much do you currently owe in debts? (Home mortgage, tax liabilities, vehicles, other loans) 

  • What is your current amount of savings or assets? 

  • Do you plan to pay for college for children or grandchildren? 

  • Over your lifetime, how much do you plan to save?

  • How much would you like your family to receive from your policy?

What type of life insurance do I need? 

Your need for life insurance changes over time as your debt liability and financial obligations change and as savings and investments grow. 

Term life policy: Provides higher limits of coverage for a lower premium cost than whole life policies with benefits that end when the term period expires. 

Whole life policy: A type of permanent life insurance policy with no term limit that remains in effect for your entire lifetime so long as premiums are paid in accordance with the terms of the contract. In addition to death benefits, a whole life policy can also build cash value over time that can be accessed during your lifetime. 

Universal life policy: A popular and relatively newer type of whole life policy, universal life policies offer the flexibility to adjust the policy’s face value and premium over the course of your lifetime while still realizing the same whole life benefits of a traditional whole life policy. 

Jorgensen Insurance Agency, Your Insurance Partner Through Life’s Changes

Obtaining life insurance is so much more than just buying a policy. When you choose Jorgensen Insurance Agency, you’re choosing an agency partner that is here to walk with you through all the ebbs and flows of life. In addition to regular reviews of your policy, there are significant life events that may require a revisit of your policy to ensure that you are adequately protected the way you intend:

  • Getting married or divorced

  • Buying a home or paying off a home

  • Birth of a child or grandchild

  • Taking out a second mortgage or any new loan

  • Incurring unforeseen bills such as medical bills  

  • You’ve received an inheritance or settlement 

  • A change in income has altered your savings or debt payoff projections

Jorgensen Insurance Agency is here to walk with you through all of life’s stages. More than just a Phoenix life insurance agency, we’re here to serve as a partner in your legacy journey. Contact us today at 509-563-4413 or complete the contact form to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!