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Homeowner Insurance

from Jorgensen Insurance Agency

Spokane Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner insurance does so much more than just protect the house you live in. A great homeowner insurance policy offers protection for your lifestyle, your assets, and your financial future. At Jorgensen Insurance Agency, we not only understand the technical aspects of a homeowner policy, we have years of first-hand experience with different Spokane homeowner insurance carriers and how they handle their claims and treat their customers. Our aim is to provide you with options that meet your requirements for compliance while also providing you the greatest value in terms of coverage, price, and service.

What Does a Homeowner Policy Cover?

  • The home itself. The “dwelling” portion of your homeowner policy pays to repair or replace the structure of your home when damaged by fire, vandalism, covered weather events, and other unforeseen perils. 

  • The contents of your home. Appliances, furniture, clothing, art, jewelry, electronics. What would it cost to repair or replace these items if they were damaged or destroyed? The “personal property” portion of your homeowner insurance policy provides coverage to repair or replace your personal property if damaged as the result of a covered peril. 

  • Costs associated with injury incurred by others on your property. Visitors, guests, kids’ friends, or neighbors. When someone is injured or their property is damaged while on your property, the liability can be deemed your responsibility. While there are mandated minimum liability limits, choosing the right liability limits means taking stock of all of your assets at risk in a liability scenario and insuring against that.   

  • Additional living expenses. Where would you live if your home needed to be repaired or rebuilt and who would pay for that? With the right coverage, your homeowners insurance policy covers expenses for this costly additional expense when you and your family are displaced due to a covered event. 

  • Protection for landlords. Having tenants in your home poses a different set of liabilities. Policies specific for landlords provide protection against these risks. 

Your Partner in Spokane Homeowner Insurance Protection

At Jorgensen Insurance Agency, we serve as your advocate to navigate the choices and process of obtaining homeowner insurance in Spokane. We take the time to review your full financial picture, present options, and explain coverages so that you can make confident and educated choices about how you protect your home. Contact us today at 509-563-4413 or complete the quick quote form online. We look forward to hearing from you!